Lenten Project – Blankets of Hope

Our Sunday school children for their Lenten project collected loose change to help Blankets of Hope. Blankets of Hope is an organization which will send fleece blankets to those in need.  Every $5.00 collected gives someone in need a 50 x 60 fleece blanket. The Children took their little containers home and brought back with them loose change each Sunday. After Church, couple of the Children would stand and collect from the congregation as well any loose change.
With the help from the congregation, and the Children we were able to collect $425.00. Our donation gave 85 blankets!!!!  Blankets of Hope received the check from us and was so very surprised!!!  Very thankful!!  A gentlemen named: Marc J Goldstein, reached out to me to thank our Sunday school children/team. He did some research to see who could benefit in our local area the fleece blankets. He found Safe Harbor Easton. When he contacted them they told him that at the end of March they posted that they were asking for Fleece blankets. What they decided to do since we did this.. was add to it to have complete boxes.  Blankets of Hope added an additional 11 fleece blankets and sent them to Safe Harbor Easton.
Thanks again to our wonderful children, and our Congregation of Salem U.C.C.
 Tammy Miles, Sunday School Superintendent

Salem UCC Christmas Cards/Note Cards

Two styles of Christmas Cards are available – Advent Wreath and Painting of Church. The 5×7 cards are packaged 10 cards per box and are selling for $10 per box. Please see Ed Taylor or any Consistory member if you are interested.

The Consistory is also selling 4×6 Note Cards (blank inside). These are also packaged 10 cards per box and selling for $10 a box.